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- - Influenster | Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure | Over the Moon Review - -

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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I'm back today with part two of my review of the imPress Influenster VoxBox that I received last week. Although there were variations in designs, everyone who received this VoxBox got two press-on manicures. Mine were Dancing Queen and Over the Moon. I've already tried out Dancing Queen a few days ago and now I wanted to show you how Over the Moon worked out for me.

I'll show you what happened right after the jump...

What is Influenster? 
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What are badges? As you set out to review products on Influenster, you will get to choose 5 Expert Badges that specialize in specific areas: fashion, beauty, pop culture, sweets...etc. In turn, as you write reviews about products that correspond to each of the badges, the scores of those badges will increase.

There are also Lifestyle Badges that you can choose. These don't have a score tied to them, but they also narrow down what areas/products you can specialize in.

How do I increase my overall score? Your overall score increases as you become more active on social media. You get a certain number of points for every social network that you connect to Influenster (for example: 100 points for having a blog...etc). 

What is a VoxBox? With a higher score you increase your chances of qualifying for a VoxBox, which is a complimentary (free) box that is filled with goodies that usually correspond to a theme and that Influenster sends out to individuals for review purposes. 

How do I qualify for a VoxBox?
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Over the Moon is a pink and purple leopard design, which is definitely not my style at all. Nonetheless, I had some success with Dancing Queen, so I figured I should give this design a fair chance.

The package came with: the nail bottle, a small nail file, and an "prep pad," which was basically a moist cloth that you need to use before your manicure to cleanse the nail bed of any debris to "maximize wear."

As with all of the imPress "bottles," there is a plastic piece that holds 5 of the nails.

This piece removes to reveal the bulk of the press-on nails underneath.

I would suggest taking about 15 minutes to match up each of your nails with the proper press-on equivalent. You need to make sure that the press-on nails aren't too big or too small, but look natural and don't cut into your skin anywhere. There are 24 nail covers and 12 sizes to choose from. Matching up your nails can actually be a fairly tricky process since a lot of the nails are so similar in size that you may end up going back and forth a few times between sizes.

Once you've got a match, lay them out like what you see in the picture below or in some other variation that doesn't make you confused as to which nail goes where.

My nails are fairly small so I used up the smallest available sizes. When I finally got them all on, this is what the manicure looked like:

Artificial lighting
Natural lighting

Not bad, right? Let me tell you a bit more about my experience. Dancing Queen lasted a good 3 days before one of the nails fell off. Let's see how long Over the Moon lasted.

My Experience

*Click on the pictures to see them enlarged.*
Day 1

When I first put on the nails and pressed down to make sure the glue stuck well, I felt a bit of pressure/tightness at my fingernails, which lasted only about a minute. This happened with Dancing Queen as well, but the feeling lasted a few minutes longer with that design.

It could be just me, but I felt like these nails were shorter compared to Dancing Queen. Were they just a tad bit shorter then the nail covers and my real nails would be the same length. Maybe this had to do with the sizes I chose?

There was also a lot of filing that had to be done because the little tabs under each nail were more prominent in this design. This became a bit tricky since I had to avoid filing my real nails in the process and those were practically at the edge. Nothing really cut into my skin, but the thumb nail seemed long and a bit uncomfortable, so I filed it down a bit as well. Overall, you have to go about filing the press-on nails carefully to avoid damaging the design at the tips.

 By the evening, this was what my manicure looked like:

Still looks pretty good, right?

Unfortunately, it was as I was getting ready for bed that the pinky nail cover fell off. I did very minimal work with my hands during the day, which includes minimal hand washing. However, when I was washing my hands before bedtime I felt the pinky nail become a bit loose. I guess what had happened was that the water had gotten between the glue and the nail somehow, which basically made the press-on nail useless. Sigh...

What's even more frustrating is that I wanted to replace the pinky nail with one of the ones left over, but I literally could not find ANY nail cover that was small enough. Double sigh...At this point I'll probably have to pass these nails to a friend who has larger fingernails than I do to not let the remaining nails go to waste.


I would have been even more annoyed if I had actually spend money on this product and my manicure didn't last longer than a day, so I can definitely understand why some people are frustrated with this product.

Having said that, I actually am open to purchasing the imPress nails on my own even after my experience. As I said previously - Dancing Queen lasted 3 days and fell off only because I was doing some heavy-duty cleaning. So I am definitely still confident that this product can work well.

The price of the imPress nails ranges from $7-12 depending on where you purchase them from. You can also find them on Amazon, which isn't listed on the page I've linked.

Once again, thank you to Influenster, who kindly provided me with these products for review, and I hope that you, my dear readers, will consider signing up for Influenster since it's free and you have a chance of getting a complimentary VoxBox. 

Have you had a similar experience with the imPress nails?
I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

Thank you for reading! -A.~

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